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Advanced Technology & Materials 刀睡Co., Ltd (AT&M) was established by吧飛 China Iron & Ste我通el Research Institute Group (C人拍ISRI). It is a nation還高al high-tech enterprise approved by Mi公船nistry of Science and Te時女chnology and Chinese Acad為我emy of Sciences; it is also a 聽習leading high-tech enterprise app錯道roved by Beijing Scien謝少ce and Technology Com機南mission.

AT&M was establishe上我d in the Zhongguancun Scien看頻ce Park in December 199亮很8 and underwent a successful IPO issui樹請ng 60 million of A share on the畫劇 Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The 文很registered capital has been CNY靜站 863 million by December 20黃樂15.

AT&M is specialized in上器 metallic materials and 長白serves for emerging i算工ndustries of strategic importanc媽愛e. It provides its h多兒igh-end global custom機風ers with the advanced metal道鄉lic materials, products an謝腦d solutions to their materials te議市chnology problems in b都著usinesses covering Amorphous & 機街Nano-crystalline Materials & Produ跳著cts, Refractory Materials & Pr數件oducts, Powder Materials & Product玩影s, Magnetic Materials & Product月遠s, Welding Materials & Pro我到ducts, Filtration Materials & 綠上Environmental Protection Engine是會ering, High Speed Steel 暗小and Diamond Tools. AT&M has made gr輛城eat contributions to the develop船年ment of national economy, national短懂 defense and aerospace ind在媽ustries.

Driven by the goal of "事業;Innovation, Reputation, and看員 Profit", AT&M has es又山tablished a comprehensi的年ve technological innovation 她見system. The company boas術草ts a research and development team討動 with seven academicians of the Chi購很nese Academy of Engineerin樹姐g and more than 60 Ph我物D graduates as its core行事. The company’s proprietary innovation謝鐘 has been recognized by nume車在rous awards, including女又 82 State Invention Awards and 如這State Technological Inn妹訊ovation Awards and 42劇秒 National Science and Techn師舞ology Conference Awards as well as the離冷 granting of 220 patents. AT在聽&M Technology Center was年懂 one of the first state報畫-certified enterprise 農影technology centers and has a 4 s工山tate-level and 14-provincial level en了讀gineering research centers, a numb習師er of other laboratories and post學費-doctoral research station. S子科trategic cooperation relationships哥風 on new materials R&am子空p;D have been established wi子電th Tsinghua University, Chinese Aca計暗demy of Sciences and oth森請er universities and scient著長ific research instit去都utes as well as with o明個verseas well-known enterpri信事ses. The company has bee喝答n entrusted with, and success場朋fully completed, many na票些tional key projects resulting in cruci暗器al and considerable benefits t笑光o society and the national eco遠刀nomy.

AT&M has been rewarded as 房車Outstanding Enterprise by 用喝SASAC and Ministry of Person藍購nel since 1998. It was contenti鐵子ously listed on Top 20 companies o都問f Haidian Park in Zhongg土草uancun Science Park and re河綠cognized as Beijing 草務Trustworthy Company by Beiji這就ng Municipal Government.

AT&M has already est月老ablished 4 production bases 地路in the Yongfeng, Konggang, and Ch慢外angping areas of Beijing, an高很d Zhuozhou and Shijiazhuang in動年 Hebei province since past 10 years,但的 and owns 18 holding comp樂文anies in Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Shenzhe南理n, Shanghai and other cities. AT&am訊她p;M has set up comprehensive 店畫market channel and technology coopera這用tion relationships in North America, E生機urope and Asia. The 弟業products has been recog學湖nized by many well-known enterprises in懂雪 the worldwide and exported to 務會more than 50 countries and reg影數ions. 

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